New charms and quick update

Hey there folks! So it’s March break and I have been travelling about doing March break workshops but have managed to pick up some new things. For all those makers and lovers of chakra stone jewellery we now have the complete set of chakra charms. Add to mala beads or make a chakra charm bracelet. These are gorgeous charms. 

We’re also still slowly but surely getting all our inventory on our estore. I really hope we will have the online store open by the end of this month. That is the plan as of now. There is truly a boatload of stuff though so it’s taking about forever to get it all photographed and posted. 

We still have no idea how long we will have our shop location so for now it’s still business as usual. But we have several things on sale super cheap like: Big Village recycled glass beads from Ghana, Czech seed beads, Kumihimo looms and supplies, and pandora-type beads and chains. There is also already a bunch of my jewellery posted on my Etsy page. Click the link to Etsy on the website and be sure to check that out too! Sorry for the brief post but I’ll chat more later. Maybe after March break when I can sit and breathe for half a minute!

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