How I filled a bead store

So we’ve been diligently adding inventory to our website and I realize first of all just how much there really is. It’s overwhelming really. But I also see how the store has grown over the years. I started out as a jewellery hobbyist and started working with products that worked with the style of stuff I was doing. So I have sought out and experimented with many many beads and supplies until I found some old faithfuls. So I have been stocking my favorite supplies that I love to work with. Over the years I’ve been in business I have spent expanding my own skills and styles and have built up inventory based on the new materials I find and play with. As a result, I have a bead store that really reflects me and my style. 

No bead store can have EVERYTHING but I have focused on products that are just not that easy to find in your average bead store. And there’s just not that many bead stores left these days it seems. I hope my online store will be just as unique. I will focus on the massive selection of both charms and seed bead I have been carrying. I also scope everywhere for large hole beads, also a very difficult thing to find if you want them in natural materials such as glass, stone and ceramic. Cord and leather jewellery always need large hole beads so I search and collect from everywhere. 

I also expand my inventory by listening to customer requests. Every request I write down I keep my eyes peeled for and I have been known to call customers even months later because I finally found what they were looking for. I always feel like half my job is working here in the store and the other half is shopping! Not a bad gig I’d say!

I know it’s a big adjustment to go from bead store shopping to online bead store shopping but I really hope you will take the time to look through our estore. I believe you may be surprised when you see the extent of my products online. It’s probably more than you think! 

The online store is still expected to open in the next couple of weeks so here’s crossing fingers and hoping for the best!

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